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I Love NinjaA place for many things Ninja!

i love ninja sustains ridiculously cute and surprisingly horrifying designs that always stand with a touch of parody. sprouting out of what may be the middle of nowhere to most, a tropical paradise called Hawaii, is the new hub for ninja. in 2010, you will see more and more homage to ninja and the blank links above will become populated with much ninja action.

since we are a small startup, our store has limited stock of our items although we will try our best to keep up with the demand. some of our items will always be in production though most will be limited editions.

below is our ninja theater where we will display videos, animations, and illustrations of funny, cool, or just plain awesome ninja stuff. we have only one for now, but hope to add more soon!

thank you to those who have supported us this far and thank you to those who will come to support us through our common love of ninja.

...and a suupa DEKAI DOOMO ARIGATO goes out to the Morinoue Zoku who has given us support from the start!

Things we need to say...
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Latest Ninja News!


eek, the guest book was on the fritz again... better now.


for us living in Kona, Hawaii; we have to always deal with shipping costs and know how mendokusai they can be, so we have simplified our shipping costs for you! if one clothing article is ordered, you will need only pay the USPS flat rate for priority mail and for every additional clothing article added we'll take a dollar off, so shipments of five or more clothing articles are free!


a new design for the slightly more thuggish ninja is now in the store. check it out!

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